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Valor Hour Ep. 9 – No Quarterback? No Problem!

Hey everybody! This week’s Valor Hour addresses the most recent loss to the Storm, the upcoming game vs. the Soul, and the recent pieces of news about the Valor quarterbacks.

  • Intros and Food/Beer Review
    • Cokinos Pizza Rolls and Great Dismal IPA
  • Department of Corrections
  • Recap of Game vs. Tampa Bay Storm
  • Valor I Hardly Know Her
    • This week’s subject: Roger Jackson
  • Medal of Valor
  • Supremer Court
    • Collectible stamps vs. Dale Earnhardt
  • Enemy of the State
    • This week’s opponent the Philadelphia Soul

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Valor Hour – Ep. 8 An Onside Kick, A Proposal, & A Loss

Apologies for the late posting of this week’s Valor Hour everyone. We recorded a day later than usual due to wanting to watch the Wizards game 7 on Monday. Aaaaand then I left my laptop in Virginia. Womp, womp. Anyways, it’s here now! We cover:

  • Last week’s loss to the Storm
  • Food and drink from Rockland’s and 4 Hands Brewing Company, respectively
  • More on the Storm in “Enemy of the State” and our look ahead to next week
  • Supremer Court
    • The Dream Team vs. Superman
  • The firing of coach Steve Thonn
  • All sorts of other stuff

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Valor Hour – Ep. 7 The Calm Before The Storm

The guys are feeling rested coming off of the Valor’s bye week and bust out a corker of an episode, as they look ahead to the upcoming match-up vs. the Storm, look around the league, and yammer on about all sorts of other crap.

  • Food and drink review
    • Mayflower and Troegenator
  • Department of Corrections
  • Look at the other games around the league
  • Enemy of the State
    • Upcoming opponent: Tampa Bay Storm
  • Medal of Valor
  • Supremer Court
  • Much, much, more

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Valor Hour – Episode 6

It’s a day later than usual, but episode 6 of Valor Hour is here! Unfortunately, we’re discussing a loss for the second straight week. But hey, such is sports fanhood, am I right? In this episode we tackle:

  • Intros and the Department of Corrections
    • Food from Mai Thai of Georgetown with Snapperhead IPA
  • Valor vs. Gladiators recap
  • M. Night Shyamalan detour
  • Supremer Court
  • Medal of Valor
  • A look around the league and the week ahead

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Til next week, ciao!