Valor Hour Ep. 11 – ft. Jonathan Sperber

Many apologies for the delay between ‘sodes my dear chaps and chapelles. I do believe you’ll find this to be some of our finest podding yet though! So hopefully the wait was worth it. We had a guest this week, Jonathan Sperber, who was selected as GM for a Day by the Washington Valor. So he tells us about his experience, we discuss the loss to the Gladiators, and of course run through our regular segments.

  • Food and beer review
    • Chik Fil A (again) and some beer I don’t remember tbh
  • Department of Corrections
  • Game Recap
  • Halftime Review
  • Interview with Mr. Sperber
  • Supremer Court
    • Funnel Cake vs. Trucker Hats
  • Medal of Valor
  • Enemy of the State
    • Also Chik Fil A, and the Tampa Bay Storm

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