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Valor Hour Ep. 14 – We’re Back Baybeeee

After a long absence due in equal parts to laziness, apathy, and hectic schedules, Valor Hour returns with an episode stuffed to the brim with that good, good content. The boys cover…

  • Meal Review
  • Explanation of Absence
  • Look at the Standings
  • Lots of new segments

Be sure to stick through to the end when Gary juuuuuuust misses the score prediction from the season finale in Baltimore. (Oh yeah, we recorded this last week. Sorry)

Valor Hour Ep. 12 – Sports Protest!

After taking a podcast bye week, Valor Hour returns as Gary, Mike, and Bain discuss the current state of the team, the league, and their emotions.

Many of the usual segments are included, as well as one new one!

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Valor Hour Ep. 10 – All Losses And No Wins Make Us Dull Boys

Have a listen to the latest Valor Hour. Mike and Bain catch Gary up on the loss to the Soul, and as usual plenty of other topics are breached.

  • Food and Beer review
    • Rome Pizza w/ Lieutenant Dank and Dead Rise
  • Recap of Valor vs. Soul
    • (They lost)
  • Valor I Hardly Knew Her
    • This week’s subject: Sean Brackett
  • Enemy of the State
    • Cleveland Gladiators and expensive movie tickets
  • Supremer Court
    • Six Flags vs. the Dallas Cowboys

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Valor Hour Ep. 9 – No Quarterback? No Problem!

Hey everybody! This week’s Valor Hour addresses the most recent loss to the Storm, the upcoming game vs. the Soul, and the recent pieces of news about the Valor quarterbacks.

  • Intros and Food/Beer Review
    • Cokinos Pizza Rolls and Great Dismal IPA
  • Department of Corrections
  • Recap of Game vs. Tampa Bay Storm
  • Valor I Hardly Know Her
    • This week’s subject: Roger Jackson
  • Medal of Valor
  • Supremer Court
    • Collectible stamps vs. Dale Earnhardt
  • Enemy of the State
    • This week’s opponent the Philadelphia Soul

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Valor Hour – Ep. 8 An Onside Kick, A Proposal, & A Loss

Apologies for the late posting of this week’s Valor Hour everyone. We recorded a day later than usual due to wanting to watch the Wizards game 7 on Monday. Aaaaand then I left my laptop in Virginia. Womp, womp. Anyways, it’s here now! We cover:

  • Last week’s loss to the Storm
  • Food and drink from Rockland’s and 4 Hands Brewing Company, respectively
  • More on the Storm in “Enemy of the State” and our look ahead to next week
  • Supremer Court
    • The Dream Team vs. Superman
  • The firing of coach Steve Thonn
  • All sorts of other stuff

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Valor Hour – Ep. 7 The Calm Before The Storm

The guys are feeling rested coming off of the Valor’s bye week and bust out a corker of an episode, as they look ahead to the upcoming match-up vs. the Storm, look around the league, and yammer on about all sorts of other crap.

  • Food and drink review
    • Mayflower and Troegenator
  • Department of Corrections
  • Look at the other games around the league
  • Enemy of the State
    • Upcoming opponent: Tampa Bay Storm
  • Medal of Valor
  • Supremer Court
  • Much, much, more

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Valor Hour – Episode 6

It’s a day later than usual, but episode 6 of Valor Hour is here! Unfortunately, we’re discussing a loss for the second straight week. But hey, such is sports fanhood, am I right? In this episode we tackle:

  • Intros and the Department of Corrections
    • Food from Mai Thai of Georgetown with Snapperhead IPA
  • Valor vs. Gladiators recap
  • M. Night Shyamalan detour
  • Supremer Court
  • Medal of Valor
  • A look around the league and the week ahead

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Til next week, ciao!

Valor Hour – Episode 5 ft. Topher Kopchak

Episode 5 sees Mike and Gary commiserate over the crushing end to their dreams of an undefeated Washington Valor season, run through some segments, and interview Topher Kopchak of insidethearena.org

  • Intro and an explanation of Bain’s absence
  • Food and beer review
    • Wok & Roll w/ 3 Star Brewing Co.
  • Department of Corrections
  • Valor vs. Soul recap
  • General AFL discussion
  • Interview w/ Topher Kopchak of Inside the Arena
  • Supremer Court
    • Mike vs. Mike
  • Medal of Valor
  • Adios

Valor Hour – Episode 3

Episode 3 of Valor Hour is complete! If you liked the first two when we didn’t even have any football to talk about yet, you’ll LOVE episode 3 In the episode Gary, Mike, and Bain discuss:

  • The First. Game. Ever!
  • Valor I Hardly Knew Her: Erik Meyer
  • Halftime Show Review
  • Supremer Court: Rednecks vs. Monster Truck Rallies
  • Learn Your Rules: The 1-Minute warning
  • and much much more!


Valor Hour – Episode 2

Episode 2 of Valor Hour is here as the anticipation of opening night for the Washington Valor begins to reach a fever pitch. In this episode Mike, Bain, and Gary get into:

  • Corrections from last week
  • This week’s food – Z Burger (sort of)
  • Dream analysis
  • Season schedule rundown
  • Supremer Court
  • Medal of Valor
  • And much, much, more

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